Love versus in love - what is the difference between love and in love and how to be in love rather than thinking or dreaming of love only

Love versus in love

a question today was about the difference in meaning of
Love versus in love

a different explanation is

ocean versus being in ocean

love - can be but a simple empty word

people think about ocean and dream about ocean
and eventually never may swim or dive INTO ocean

same with love versus in love

you may have a loved one near you
but never dive into her or his love
may be he or she never offered to love you and never asked to be loved
by you
may be he or she never offered to you to come into her heart
may be he or she never offered you to come inside her love
may be he or she never offered true love TO you to fill and flush and
flood you with his / her love

love needs to flow
love needs to be present
and while in a physical body
such love always substantially starts in physical love

love versus in love is like
being at the ocean without going into the ocean

how can you know by experiencing and by feeling the ocean without ever
going into ocean ?

same with being IN LOVE
you need to fully open to ALL in love
to fully surrender to the love offered TO you

however if such love or such to fall in love never is occurred to you
and never has been offered to you
then you need to change your partner and select one that wants you to
fully fall in love

the one whose heart is strong - the one whose love is rooted in God
has an ocean of love large enough for you and all your future and
present children to FALL IN LOVE

to be IN LOVE all the time
day and night

IN LOVE means to be always loved
in love means to be always flooded with love of various kind
physical, spiritual, oral, acoustic, ...
songs and sweet *pillow talk* form the bottom of a true heart
sweet food prepared with love
sweet dance and sweet massage
and above all sweet loving hugging, touching loving
millions of ways to love, millions of ways to GIVE love or to MAKE love
to someone to feel IN LOVE

no one can be in water in an empty dry river bed
we need a river filled with clean pure crystal clear water to jump into
the river and be in water

a heart needs to be filled with pure divine love
a heart needs to be connected to the source of love - God
a heart connected to God is a river filled with ever flowing divine love

read more about static love versus dynamic love

the key difference between love and in love is an absolute YES to each other
and a repeated continuous YES to all needs of loved ones

learn to say YES to the needs of love
learn to open for God

to be a flowing river of divine love and to offer others to be in love
with you as soon as they open their hearts
the heart of the loving and the heart of the loved one needs to be open
- else none can be in love
and if you loved one refuses to open his / her heart
then it is time for her / him to lose all
to become aware of what he / she refused to accept and denied to give
and much later one day - all hearts hungry for love shall be open for
love and be IN LOVE again

love and bliss



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